Welcome to the Montalvo's Website added to te talvo family.

The Purpose for this is to keep information of our families to the next generation, With additional families that has been added to the  Montalvo family In the next few pages you will see the names of the Sons and Daughters of Mauro and Francisca. 

 Names of their Sons and daughters and grand childrenIf you have any pictures you can provide and would like to see them on this website on your Mom’s or Dad’s Page Send them to me, In order to see the pictures gallery on your parents page you need to Click on his or her pictures to view the family pictures. 

 Also videos clips of a 1min or 2 is o.k. No more then that.  If You would like to share them I put in the website.

If you happen not to see what you send. Its due to Space. Its limited. 

This website is Free and thats the reason for disc space to be limited

 Thank you.



         Created / Prepared by: Son: Goyo

             May 02, 2011