FAQ - Frequent Ask Questions


1. why do you have in some of the pictures the DOB and DOD?
2. Can I send you a Picture of my Mother and Father when they were Young?
3. How Come I don't see my Picture Under my Father or Mothers Name?
4. I have a Short Video of my Kids, Can you put it on the Website??
5. Can I Edited or Update some pictures on the website?
6. I have some pictures that I would like to Put on the website where can I send them?


1. The reason I don't have in some of the Pictures the DOB or DOD is I don't have the information, If you have this information and would like to share it I will put it on the picture requested.  If I have a DOB or DOD on some of the Pictures, Please send the correct Information.

2. Yes You can send me pictures of you or your family to put under your Father or Monther's Picture.

3. The reason You don't see your picture under your Father or Mother's Picture is because I don't have a picture of you.

4. Yes I can put a short Video like from Youtube. But it has to be like a Minute or so..Not a large Video. My MB are limited.

5. No Only Goyo can Edit and Update the website.

6. You can send me the Pictures to :gregmontalvo@gmail.com